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To study yoga is to experientially learn.
There are no prerequisites for the study of yoga.

Group classes

Žana’s classes have derived from her Yoga Therapy training and the Vini Yoga teaching tradition, focusing on using tools of yoga to complement medical treatment, to encourage self-healing as well as to maintain good health and live life we were given joyfully. 

Usually the term consists of six classes, one class a week. The term has a theme to explore and develop through practice and is informed by the philosophical teachings of yoga, anatomy, physiology or seasonal changes in nature.

Meeting others regularly and practicing together is supportive and encouraging. Though we are focused, immersed and quiet during the class very often in that atmosphere the bonds and friendships arise. 

Classes are 75 minutes long allowing the work with āsana (postures with conscious breath), prāṇāyāma (breathing techniques) and meditative practice. Sometimes we also work with sound and simple chant. 

The class usually starts with centering the mind in our body, senses and breath,  followed by posture work in full range of movements with conscious breathing, meditation and deep relaxation at the end. The postures are set in a sequence, practiced dynamically and progressing to remaining in the posture for a number of breaths and exploring the postures statically. Movement and breath are carefully and intelligently linked but every practitioner is practising in the rhythm of their own breath. We focus on the inner experience of the posture rather than its external form.

These classes are open to everyone and of mixed abilities.  Modifications, adaptations  and the respect of individual needs are offered. 

Whether one experiences chronic stress, back pain, misalignment, low energy levels or anxiety, mindful breath and movement clear the path for healing.

This class is also suitable for all of those who feel healthy and wish to maintain the good health or develop a greater self-knowledge and understanding.

Contact me by email to book your place in the class and enrol.

When you enrol, you will need to fill in a Confidential Registration Form with details of any health issues. 

Please come few minutes before the class, wear comfortable clothing, bring a yoga mat, blocks, a cushion and/or meditation stool to sit on and a blanket if you wish. 

If you find sitting on the floor challenging, practicing yoga while sitting on the chair with an upright spine, steady and at ease is perfectly ok.

Respect any other health guidelines regarding indoor practicing.

For the on line session please log on few minutes before the class and respect the muting/asking questions/chatting instructions.

Times and venue: At the moment all group classes are taught online via Zoom platform. You will get the invitation for the class by email.

Mondays at 10 to 11:15am via Zoom 

Tuesdays at 8:00 to 9:15 pm via Zoom

Cost: Classes are €12 each. Payment is by the term by bank transfer. 

For booking and any further information please send me an email.

Individual tuition

Individual tuition is designed to meet your needs, goals, abilities, interest and lifestyle. This is how Yoga was traditionally taught.

A personal, engaging, enjoyable practice unique to you is crafted in order to support you.

We work together to choose the length of your practice and time of day that will suit you best to fit in with your daily life. It’s important to be kind to yourself and set yourself for a fruitful experience. Even with a short yoga practice you may receive a great benefit from this work. Sometimes a couple of minutes of conscious breathing, sensing the feet on the ground or the hands relaxing can gently guide us back into clarity and peace and point us in the right direction.

Initial telephone consultation to clarify your needs and interests is free and lasts about 20 minutes. 

At your first session you will be asked to fill the Confidential Information Form with details on any health issues. 

By asking you to do some simple movements I asses how your body moves and design a practice that you can use on a daily base at home. Typically it will include a number of yoga postures (āsana ) with gentle movement and conscious breathing (prāṇāyāma). It may include elements of relaxation and meditation, sound and chanting and lifestyle recommendation depending on your interest.

The prescribed practice will be written for you using simple “stick-man” diagrams. 

Typically it will be practice between 15 and 45 minutes but this can vary. It is better to do something manageable regularly than something that is struggle to fit into your routine.

Having your personal 15-20 min practice done 3-4 times a week may bring great benefits to your overall well being.

On subsequent meetings I will answer your questions and work to develop the practice; sometimes I may just check your practice, other times I may change it significantly.

This tuition is for anyone. So you can be absolute beginner in Yoga or a regular  yoga practitioner. It is suitable for anyone who cannot commit to a weekly group class or if you have a specific problem such as chronic back pain, anxiety, depression, breathing problems etc. Individual tuition is also for yoga students who would like to develop their practice with a guidance and support.

For the first 4 sessions it’s helpful to come every 2 or 3 weeks, to establish a habit of home practice on your own and for more support. After that, most people come once a month, bimonthly, or just a few times a year. At times when you need more support you may come once a week for a short period of time.

First session costs Euro 90 and lasts up to 1 and half hour, subsequent sessions are Euro 80 and last up to 1 hour. Payment is in cash on the day or by bank transfer. Cancellation notice is 24 hours minimum. A preferential rate can be given.

If you think this might be a good way to keep your yoga practice or simply a way to explore Yoga in a different way please get back to me and we will start when you are ready.


Workshops are usually brief and intensive programs for a relatively small group of people that focus on a particular area of yoga practice and yoga principles.

It is my invitation to you to enquire and explore and intentions are to discover and to nourish.

Workshops are an opportunity to immerse yourself in the body and mind in a supporting environment. Sometimes it can feel as a holiday or deepening connection with yourself, other times it can be a focused effort to deepen the understanding and knowledge. 

Next workshop will be announced shortly.

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